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Keith Atkinson Electrical are experts at delivering high quality, easy to use, and capable smart homes which will transform your Nambour or Sunshine Coast home. We will deliver a new level of comfort, convenience, and functionality, allowing your home to intelligently shift to accommodate your needs. This not only elevates your homes luxury, but provides support and independence for those who struggle with mobility. Find a new sense of freedom and comfort through a smart home.  

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What we do
Delivering high quality smart homes across Nambour and the Sunshine Coast

Experienced electricians

We have over 20 years developing and installing smart home systems in homes across Nambour and the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are building a new home, or want to retrofit the system into a pre-built home, we can provide the highest quality installation.   

Industry leading warranty

You should have peace of mind with your system knowing that you have an industry leading warranty and support from our Sunshine Coast technicians. We know you will love your smart home and are always there for you to help you make the most of it.  

Future proofed technology

We use the best in open technology standards which are designed to interface with any future additions you may have. Our smart home systems don't lock you in to systems you have to change for, instead our system adapts to your lifestyle and needs.  


A smart home is all about connectivity. Within a smart home all or some of the electrical components are connected to a central system. A range of devices can be connected to this system, from lights, air conditioning, security, entertainment, and more. These can then be controlled from a range of devices like tablets, smartphones, smart watches, and voice assistants.  

The key element that makes a smart home smart is that these devices all communicate with each other. Through a smart home all these connected devices can be coordinated virtually to create a personalised experience to maximise your comfort, convenience, and entertainment.  


Installing a smart home provides you with a range of benefitsThe benefits you can receive from a smart home will depend on your lifestyle and home. However, most homes will experience increased energy efficiency, reduced power bills, increased security, massive levels of customisation, and enhanced comfort. There are so many ways a smart home can improve your life, each device you add to the system will add unique improvements. Talk to our Sunshine Coast team to see what devices will impact your lifestyle and needs.  

Residential Electrical Services
Smart home installations across
Nambour and the Sunshine Coast

Sure running a busy family home can be costly, but having the right electrical installations in place can make a huge difference to your energy savings. Our friendly and professional contractors can help you reduce your home energy bill with our affordable domestic solutions. We pride ourselves on integrating a traditional electrical service you can trust with innovative systems for the 'smarter' home.

From a simple light installation to comprehensive smart security and control systems, no task is too great or too small for us.

  • Employee's Screening & Back Ground Checked For Peace of Mind
  • Home Rewiring and Renovations (Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc)
  • How Water System Faults / Replacements
  • Ceiling Fan, Extraction Fan and Smoke Detector Installations
  • Lighting and Power Outlet Installation and Repairs
  • Data, Telephone, Communication and Network Installations
  • All Test Results Logged and Accessible For 7 Years
  • All Electricians Carry Cleaning Kits. No Rubbish Gets Left Behind
  • Safety is Our Number One Priority - Customers & Our Team
  • Solution Experts
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Friendly, helpful, and reliable.
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A range of smart technology working together

Smart networking

High quality networking is the first step of any smart home system. We provide fast network installations to give your home a connectivity and speed boost, ensuring your devices can talk to each other with ease.

Lighting control

Turn out the lights with your voice, a touch of a button, or by simply walking out of the room. Control your lights and reduce energy usage with ease through smart connected lights and sensors.  

Security systems

Have peace of mind over the security of your property through connected security devices. You can see what is happening around your property at any time through security cameras, view when someone is at your door, control locks, and your garage door from anywhere on any device.  

Home cinema and audio

Have the future of entertainment in your Sunshine Coast and Nambour home now. Control your media devices, intelligently optimise sound quality, and provide a kore immersive home theatre experience through the power of smart home technology.  

Intelligent interface

The best smart homes are those which are the easiest to use. This comes down to an intuitive, easy to use interface to control your system. Whether its through a touch screen, a remote, physical switches, or your voice, we make sure our smart home system can be used by anyone.  

24/7 Electrician Services - Safe and Efficient
We are a Full Service Electrical Contractor

  • Evaluation

    Our team will meet you for a discovery session. In this session we will discuss your needs and lifestyle, evaluate your home, and present some solutions which will meet your requirements. This is also the perfect time to ask any questions and learn more about what a smart home can do for you. 

  • System design

    We will create a detailed scope of works for you. Once this has been agreed to we will begin developing a fully costed proposal and designing your system. This tends to be the longest phase of the process in order to ensure the entire installation and handover process is smooth.  

  • Installation

    On installation day our experienced installers will arrive at your Sunshine Coast or Nambour home and begin setting up your smart home. We will deliver this according to the previously set out scope of works, ensuring that your new smart home will be delivered on time and on budget.  

  • Handover

    After installation has been completed the handover process will begin. During this time we will provide training into how to use the system, and how you can get the most out of it. We will also showcase the range of features your new system has, and many fun tips and tricks.  

  • After care

    Support is extremely important to us. We want to ensure all of our customers across Nambour and Sunshine Coast are loving their smart homes and are getting the best use out of them. We make sure that we are always just a call or email away should you need us.  

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'The pinnacle of achievement within the industry.
Become a Gold Master Electrician when you fulfil and maintain the accreditation assessment or reach 20 years as a member'.

Electrical Keith Atkinson Electricians are proud to be GOLD Master Electricians

Keith Atkinson Electrical are thrilled to announce our Gold Master Electrician status. Master Electricians Australia is an organisation dedicated to connecting electrical contractors with local services to build business success, providing industry development and representation across Australia. The aim of the organisation is to improve industry standards for both electrical companies, as well as consumers.

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at (07) 5445 2493. We specialise in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!


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