A Guide to smart homes from electricians on the Sunshine Coast

Smart homes and offices have had an ever-growing buzz surrounding them for the past decade. As internet connectivity and smart technology has become more prominent in our lives, regular household appliances and objects have been given the ability to connect with our other devices and create new experiences within our homes. The main areas a smart home can affect can be easily summed up into these four areas: Convenience (simplification or automation of tasks), Security (monitoring your home using sensors and more), Comfort (climate control, lighting systems, and more), and Efficiency (reducing your energy bill). Here is a run down on each of these.

Home security automation and CCTV

CCTV, home security, and security automation is important for many homes and businesses across the Sunshine Coast. With smart technologies, these have all been enhanced. With automated doorbells, cameras, and other sensor systems all then hooked up to a network, AI can be utilised to monitor and alert you should certain situations arise. Of course, you could use off-the-shelf systems, however, these tend to be more cumbersome, difficult to work with, and are not as powerful out of the box, as a purpose-built solution. KAE works with businesses and homeowners to build security automation and home security for Sunshine Coast customers looking to transform their security setup. This includes many devices including connected cameras, sensors, and intercom installation.  

Lighting control and air conditioning

Wanting to experience easy comfort by installing air conditioning and lighting control in your Sunshine Coast home or business? There are some amazing solutions available for you. These allow you to ensure your home and business always remains comfortable and energy efficient. Air conditioning and lighting control systems are some of the simplest and most common systems to install. They are loved for the conveniences offered, and the energy saved.  

Energy efficiency

KAE are smart home electricians on the Sunshine Coast who specialise in ensuring your business and home remain as energy efficient as possible. Smart homes are not just about the conveniences and comforts they offer, but also the money they save you. Quality smart home electricians on the Sunshine Coast will be able to ensure your system is as energy efficient as possible, using automation to lower and raise blinds, turn on lights, and more depending on the time of day. There are also a variety of sensors that can be installed so that lights in empty rooms are turned off, Bright rooms have their blinds lowered to reduce cooling costs, and more.

What KAE can do for your smart home or office on the Sunshine Coast?

KAE has 40 years experience in the electrical industry. In that time the industry has shifted to integrate more digital technologies. As a smart home electrician who is ahead of the competition, KAE has a distinct advantage in bringing old-school experience together with modern technologies to ensure a robust smart home installation. You will have a smart home or building which is designed to last, and be upgraded with future technologies, so you will be able to optimise the building or your home to your lifestyle and workstyle. Call KAE to get started with your smart home or building on the Sunshine Coast: 07 5445 2493

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