KAE is now an authorised Origin Energy partner!


Looking for a more efficient way to bring energy to your home? KAE is now an authorised partner for Origin Energy in the Sunshine Coast region, allowing us to offer a new range of great solutions for improving energy efficiency.

The team here at KAE would like to introduce SolarFlex, a more accessible way to start experiencing the benefits of going solar sooner.


What is Solar Flex?

Origin Energy’s new Solar Flex allows you to receive all of the advantages of using solar energy without having to pay for the cost of the solar system. Their aim is to make solar an easier, more accessible and flexible resource, as a result, they’ll cover the cost of the solar system, it’s installation and any ongoing maintenance costs that come with it.*

How does it work?

Our simple five step process allows you to start using solar energy in no time at all.

Step 1: We’ll have one of our Keith Atkinson Electrical Energy Specialists look at your situation – they’ll make sure it’s the right solution for your energy usage and check that your home is solar ready.

Step 2: You can choose a contract period that suits you – with 10 or 15 year terms available.
Step 3: You’ll enter into a Solar agreement and we’ll lock in a low solar contract rate^.

Step 4: Once all that’s sorted, Keith Atkinson Electrical will install your system at a time that suits both parties.

Step 5: From then on, you’ll start paying for the solar power you generate at the low energy rate.

Is it right for you?

Our team of industry specialists are available to visit your property and ensure Solar Flex is the right choice for you. If your home, or business uses a large amount of electricity while the sun is out, Solar Flex is definitely beneficial to you. We can have a look around your property and your electricity usage to determine if it fits your situation and needs. From there, we can begin to inspect as to whether or not your property is solar ready.

What does solar ready mean for you?

Being solar ready means that your property is suitable for installation of our solar system. Generally, we can give you an idea over the phone, but we won‘t know until we visit your property.

If you’re wanting more information about how you can make your home more energy efficient with solar energy, contact one of the friendly industry experts here at KAE on 07 5445 2493.


* You may incur additional costs for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or/and roof repairs).
^ Solar energy rate is subject to charge of CPI annually and change in law. Approved Purchases only.

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