How Keith Atkinson Electrical leveraged Quick Safety to improve Safety

Based out of Australia, Keith Atkinson Electrical has been servicing the Sunshine Coast for 40 years now. Decades of great servicing always requires constant innovation. Choosing your partners is equally as important as choosing your services—and over time, both need to be improved upon in order to stay relevant in the market and keep up the quality of your offerings.

QuickSafety allowed us to do just that by helping us ensure compliance at every step of our processes while helping our teams navigate the projects with more efficiency.

The process

Whenever any company sends their electricians out on the field, they have to ensure that the materials used are up to the standard and the measurements are great. They are required to interpret their results, compare them with the standards, and then document them as they go. Checking everything yourself can leave a lot of room for human error.

The problem

On a standard job, the requirements aren’t too complex, so the room for error is low. But as you start to get into larger commercial projects or industrial applications, the process becomes much more intricate. Everything from cable size to run length needs to be precise. In the electrical field, human error can lead to poor designs, circuit failures, damage of property, and even loss of life. We want to avoid errors on any level, and the best way to do that is to implement a quality check in the pre-planning of projects itself.

The solution

QuickSafety helped our team simplify the checking process and streamline our projects not only by saving time but also by giving us peace of mind on compliance. Working as a one-stop-solution for pre-planning jobs, QuickSafety allowed us to fail-proof our plans. Our electricians could check their variables and the viability of their plans by just entering details on the platform. Completing Certificates of Compliance on-site became a piece of cake.

The results

The biggest thing QuickSafety has done for us is to give us the power to make sure all our projects are well-implemented. It also helps us free a lot of time and keeps the administrators in the loop. Eliminating paperwork through QuickSafety was a good idea, as we have experienced events where misplaced documents caused a lot of stress on our teams and delayed the projects by a few days. We have teams with diversified responsibilities, unique workflows, and a wide array of devices. This platform’s ability to seamlessly sync across devices and work offline offered us a lot of flexibility and made communication easier. This is a tool that helps your teams do better. We have a great reputation and a high customer satisfaction rate—something that takes maintenance. Using a service like this leaves no room for errors that can cause you problems in your projects down the line. Understanding that and deploying this platform has definitely given our teams an edge over the competition.

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