All you need to know about emergency and exit lights on the Sunshine Coast

Emergency and exit lights are important for all Sunshine Coast businesses to get right. With many legal requirements and restrictions surrounding the installation and ongoing maintenance of emergency and exit lights, it is vital that you have a professional complete the installation. However, the installation is only half the picture. There are more requirements surrounding ongoing scheduled testing and maintenance. To help you out here is all you need to know about emergency light testing and maintenance.

Emergency light testing

The Australian standards AS/NZS 2293.2 state that “the emergency lighting installation be tested at six-monthly intervals by a discharge test to see that the fittings operate for the required duration of not less than 90 minutes.” During these emergency sign testing a power failure is simulated by performing a discharge test for 90 minutes. This ensures the emergency lights will remain operational during an emergency even if power has been cut. All emergency and exit lights on the Sunshine Coast must meet this standard.

Routine maintenance

Beyond emergency sign testing and the discharge test there are other routine maintenance requirements that must be carried out. To ensure you remain compliant with all emergency and exit light standards it is best to get a professional to complete these. This includes cleaning all emergency signs and lights to ensure they are free of dust. As well as this, any lamp replacements or repairs will need to be compelted. All emergency lights will be tested to see whether the lamps require replacement in cases where they may not be functioning correctly.

The emergency sign testing process

KAE’s emergency sign testing process has been honed through 40 years of experience in order to provide the most efficient service, while still ensuring you remain compliant. The process is as follows:

  1. The emergency sign testing technicians will inspect all fluorescent lights in your emergency lighting in order to spot darkened signs of aging or damage. If found, the bulbs will then be replaced.
  2. A power failure is simulated by performing a discharge test for 90 minutes. This is to meet the requirements under AS2293.
  3. The power is reinstated, and further checks are conducted on your emergency and exit lights.
  4. The technician will provide discharge test results, replace lamps, and conduct any required repairs. A copy of the recorded correct operation of the system will also be left on site.

What does KAE do for emergency and exit lights clients on the Sunshine Coast?

KAE are the experts you need for your emergency and exit lights on the Sunshine Coast. By providing installation, and ongoing maintenance for your emergency lights, you can be sure you will reach your legal obligations. If you want to ensure your Sunshine Coast business’ emergency lights meet all requirements give KAE a call on 07 5445 2493.

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