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Does my home and workplace comply with Queensland’s electrical regulations?

Much to one’s disbelief, electrical regulations are not there for the sole purpose of catching you out or causing you extra work. As much as some Government policies appear as a real inconvenience, these vital regulations are there to ensure the health and safety of your colleagues and loved ones at home.

Some of the most common risks caused by electrical faults include electric shocks, explosions, fire and the release of toxic gases. These occurrences can cause serious injury and illness such as burns, the inhalation and contamination of toxic substances and sadly even death.

For this reason, it is important that your home and workplace stay compliant with electrical regulations at all times.

Electrical regulations in the workplace and obligations

Business owners hold a duty of care towards their staff members, work contractors and visitors who enter their workplace. They must ensure a qualified and licensed electrical contractor carries out all electrical installations, that the installations meet current compliance standards and must carry out regular electrical safety tests.

As laid out in the Electrical Safety Act, a business owner is legally required to ensure:

  • All electrical equipment used in the conduct of the person’s business or undertaking is electrically safe;
  • The electrical safety of all persons and property likely to be affected by electrical work performed by the business or undertaking;
  • The person performing the electrical work for the business or undertaking involving contact with (or being near to) exposed parts, are electrically safe.

You can read more about the electrical compliance duties of a business owner on the Queensland Government Work Place Health and Safety website.

So, if your workplace is not compliant with electrical regulations and someone was injured as a result, not only would it be a dreadful experience, but also you would be liable.

How do I ensure my home and/or workplace complies with electrical regulations?

The best way to keep your building compliant with industry standards is to book an electrical health check with a qualified electrician. Our friendly contractors cover all types of installations, maintenance and repair work to an extremely high standard.

Putting your electrical concerns into the hands of a professional will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your space is fully compliant with safety regulations and those around you are protected.

You can read more information on Queensland’s safety electrical regulations on the Government Work Place Health and Safety website or download the Electrical safety code of practice 2013. Alternatively, if you would like to book in an appointment with our electricians, please call us on 07 5445 2493.

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