The 4 coolest smart home solutions you need right now!

We’re lucky enough to live in the modern age where we have access to amazing technologies. The introduction of smart home automation systems has provided us with practical, and seemingly futuristic, ways of controlling almost any electronic device in the home.

With that in mind, we have put together what we think are the four coolest smart home solutions you need right now!


Think of Geofencing like a physical fence around your home. When someone enters or exits through the fence (“the Geofence”), the smart software will respond with any action you have programmed it to do.

For example, you may wish for the garden lights to turn on whenever someone crosses the fenced boundary. Or you can program it to open the garage for you as you pull into the driveway, while simultaneously turning on the entry lights.

This smart technology works using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data. More information can be found here.

Safety and Security Features

Automated smart technology has gone way beyond simple motion detectors. Advanced systems now allow for motion-activated recording, real-time video monitoring, night vision recordings, broken glass alerts, and the auto-closing and locking of doors and garages. Furthermore, if any movement or occurrence is detected while no one is at home, the trigger will immediately send a notification straight to your phone.

You can also add sensors to your smart homes to detect water leaks, sense and send smoke alert notifications to your phone, monitor air quality, and even introduce medical alert options. Many of these technologies allow you to integrate emergency contact information into the system too, so you can call for help within the click of a button.

Systemised Logic Functions

“If (insert circumstance here) happens, then (insert response here).”

Getting through our busy lives is hard enough as it is. So why not let your smart home do the arduous work for you! Scenarios can be programmed within a smart home to automate just about any function you can imagine. Here are a few scenarios:

  1. When a storm or strong winds suddenly hit your home, your blinds will retract automatically to protect them from damage.
  2. If sensors around the house detect no one is home, your house will reduce all energy outputs where possible. Furthermore, it knows if you have forgotten to turn off the iron or other appliances and will do it for you.
  3. Once your phone, electric car, or other battery powered device has fully charged, the smart home can turn off the charger to avoid over charge of you batteries, thereby extending their useful life.
  4. When your friends are over to watch a movie, simply call out “it’s movie night” and the pre-programmed lights will dim, and the TV and surround speaker will turn on ready for your selection.
  5. If the system detects the temperature and humidity in the home is too high, then the HVAC system responds by adjusting appropriately.

Control Your Home Remotely

Remote home monitoring has continued to progress overtime and now there are countless ways that you can control your smart home using that small device in your pocket – your smartphone.

Whether you want to turn on your washing machine, crank up the heating or oven before you get home, double check that the doors are locked, or simply take a look around the home to make sure your pet isn’t up to mischief, you can do it all from any location in the world.

The possibilities of smart home automation are endless, some of which will truly blow your mind. If you would like to learn more about smart home technology, you can take a look at our Smart Homes page or contact us on 07 5445 2493 for a free consultation.

Let’s make it happen!

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