Electrician of the Year- award finalist

The Electrician of the Year Award is presented by Master Electricians Australia to an Electrician who has outstanding technical skills, has a commitment to ongoing learning (upskilling) and safety, all of which stands them apart from their peers. We’re proud to announce that we have two team members that were nominated and have made it […]

A Guide to smart homes from electricians on the Sunshine Coast

Smart homes and offices have had an ever-growing buzz surrounding them for the past decade. As internet connectivity and smart technology has become more prominent in our lives, regular household appliances and objects have been given the ability to connect with our other devices and create new experiences within our homes. The main areas a […]

All you need to know about emergency and exit lights on the Sunshine Coast

Emergency and exit lights are important for all Sunshine Coast businesses to get right. With many legal requirements and restrictions surrounding the installation and ongoing maintenance of emergency and exit lights, it is vital that you have a professional complete the installation. However, the installation is only half the picture. There are more requirements surrounding […]

How Keith Atkinson Electrical leveraged Quick Safety to improve Safety

Based out of Australia, Keith Atkinson Electrical has been servicing the Sunshine Coast for 40 years now. Decades of great servicing always requires constant innovation. Choosing your partners is equally as important as choosing your services—and over time, both need to be improved upon in order to stay relevant in the market and keep up […]

Never be left in the dark again: Being ready for an emergency

Worried about access to power in an emergency? A backup generator can deliver some peace of mind. Have a Generator change over switch installed to protect “your essential services” such as the fridge and internet.  Depending on your switchboard age and condition prices start from as little as $400+GST for electrical work.  Generators capable of […]

COVID-19 The measures we are taking to continue working

COVID-19 The measure we are taking to continue working At Keith Atkinson Electrical (KAE) we have taken on several different measures in accordance with government policies and health department recommendations to ensure we keep our staff and you as the customer safe. As seen on our website (kaelectricians.com.au) we have conducted a COVID-19 infection training […]


If you have had an electrician around to do electrical work lately, are you sure he or she was actually a licensed electrician? And are you sure they are insured to cover any of the work they did at your premises? Have you knowingly hired someone to perform “cashies” and thought about the consequences? These […]

Maintaining Safety Switch in Commercial Buildings.

What is a Safety Switch and why should in be maintained in your commercial building? A safety switch is an essential component of your switchboard to keep you, your staff, and guests safe when using electronic devices. A safety switch attaches to your circuit breaker and serves as an additional layer of protection. This is […]

Medical & Hospital Electrician, KA Electrical Nambour

Electrical Services in Medical Centers, Dental Clinics, and other specialist clinics. At Keith Atkinson Electrical (KAE) we are experts at providing solutions for your electrical needs in your business. We have over 40 years’ experience in supplying and maintaining medical-related electrical services on the Sunshine Coast. Medical-related businesses rely on high quality electrical installations, maintenance, […]