Data Cabling Installation In Sunshine Coast

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  Continuous expansion of cabling network has pivoted into a necessity. It’s everywhere and it’s fast. Its complexity has narrowed down to organized structuring allowing the industry to move faster and more efficient. Commercial industries has recognized that there is more to electrical needs  of new building construction and [...]


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If you have had an electrician around to do electrical work lately, are you sure he or she was actually a licensed electrician? And are you sure they are insured to cover any of the work they did at your premises? Have you knowingly hired [...]

Medical & Hospital Electrician, KA Electrical Nambour

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Electrical Services in Medical Centers, Dental Clinics, and other specialist clinics. At Keith Atkinson Electrical (KAE) we are experts at providing solutions for your electrical needs in your business. We have over 40 years’ experience in supplying and maintaining medical-related electrical services on the Sunshine [...]