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Keith Atkinson Electrical

The Business

One team – one goal – to be your go-to-provider and solution in all areas of electrical, data, and communications for home, business, and car owners.

And Keith Atkinson Electrical (KAE) achieve this with a continuous improvement model that drives innovative solutions, better service, superior quality, great technical support, and competitive pricing.

What sets us apart from our competition is our results focus that starts with careful planning and ends with execution that turns your project into an on-time reality and on-budget success.

Helping our clients get better outcomes with any electrical, data, and communications project is our passion and what matters to you most – along with experiencing a seamless approach that leaves you 100% satisfied.

KAE make this possible through:

We are Sunshine Coast based and no matter where you are in South East Queensland, if you are the right fit for our services – we will make it work guaranteed.

Keith Atkinson Electrical

Customer Service

KAE gets all things electrical, data, and communications.

We understand that any electrical, data, or communications installation is a significant investment and the last thing you want is not to get value for money and the result that will make your life easier (the whole point).

Therefore, our golden rule “Is to treat you the way you would want to be treated if we were you the client and you were us Keith Atkinson Electrical.”

KAE does this by ensuring you have the best experience as a client throughout your journey with us – that is from your first contact and after doing business with us.

Let us exceed your expectations with a dramatically different customer experience that ensures any electrical, data, or communications installation is executed with a minimum of stress and is a rewarding experience.

Because when you choose to do business with Keith Atkinson Electrical, get ready to experience superior customer service through a proactive approach that will leave you recommending us to all those in your circles.

Keith Atkinson Electrical

‘The Experts’ in Electrical & More

Our team are electrical, data, and communications installation experts that ‘actively listen’ to you to ensure they understand your needs before giving you the best solution.

Each of our team has undertaken vigorous training to ensure they meet our 4 pillars that drives the success of each project:

  1. Integrity (always delivering on our promises)
  2. Mastery (excellence and accountability for our work)
  3. Innovation (exploring new ways to solve problems).
  4. Care (through our respectful actions).

We combine these 4 pillars of success with our exceptional communication skills to deliver exceptional electrical, data, and communications installations tailored to your needs and budget.

Because again KAE is one team – with one goal – and that is to empower you not to accept the status quo in the electrical/data/communications installations market and instead use our services that see possibility, not limitation – to get the outcome you desire anywhere in South East Queensland.

Delivering Smarter Results (by focusing on ‘how we do it’)

Superior Knowledge

Greater Understanding

100% Transparency

Personalised to You

Why Choose us

Driven by passion, inspired by results

“Keith Atkinson Electrical has a team of experts with the right knowledge and understanding to ensure you get the results you want with a seamless process that ensures minimal stress.
We are always transparent and personalise the experience to your needs. So whether you’re a home, business
or electrical car owner…

Let us Help You…

Because at Keith Atkinson Electrical we guarantee to fix your electrical, data, or communications problem, first time.”

Seth Atkinson,

Managing Director of Keith Atkinson Electrical

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